About the Welcome Plugin
The Welcome plugin allows you to assign new members a role, welcome them to the server, and wish leaving members farewell.

Getting Started
Navigate to your server's dashboard
Select the Welcome plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Waiting for Membership Screening Completion
If you want Circle to wait to assign the autorole and welcome a new member to the server until they pass Discord's membership screening, select the Wait to assign roles until members pass Discord's membership screening option!

Setting Up Autoroles
This role will be assigned to a member once they join/pass membership screening.

Select an autorole from the give new members a role drop-down.

Sending Welcome/Goodbye Messages
Click "New Message"
Select the type of message you'd like to create, either Join or Leave.
Type your welcome/goodbye message in the box and click save!

Want more than 1 autorole or more than 2 messages? Check out Circle Premium!
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