Meet Circle, the only bot you need.

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Web Dashboard

Configuring a bot with a bunch of commands is annoying and confusing. All of Circle's configuration is done through our dashboard. Simplify your life.


Never miss anything with Circle's powerful logging. Unlike other bots, Circle logs who did what. You can even choose if you'd like to log in plain text or use embeds.


Circle's simple moderation will enpower you to keep your server members in order. You can ban (permanently or temporarily), kick, mute, and warn members. Every action is logged in your server's moderation log.


The internet can be a scary place! Require new members to click a link and complete a captcha before speaking. This feature helps prevent raids, trolls, and more. Optional VPN detection will help prevent alternate accounts joining your server. Who said the internet was scary? Oh wait.. I did.


Circle is in active development and new features are constantly being added.