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The easiest way to bring moderation, logging,
reaction roles, and more to your community.

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Empower your server's mod team with over 20 moderation commands. Enable automod to give your mods a break. Easily configurable through the web dashboard.
Circle logs over 15 events, including deleted files, images, or videos. Unlike some bots, our logging is completely free. Want logs sent via embeds or compact messages? It's your choice.
Manage Roles
No more manually assigning roles or using clunky commands. Send customizable embeds with buttons or buttons to let your members assign their own roles.
Automate Tasks
Configure Circle to automatically reply to certain keywords, allowing your team to rest while Circle automatically answers frequent questions. Create your own custom commands using fancy embeds and advanced variables.
Easy to use
Stop wasting time figuring out how to use complex bots with confusing dashboards. Circle is designed to be easy for newbies and power users. Can't figure something out? Our (human) support team is here to help 24/7, for free.
Integrated Appeals
Quit hassling with Google forms. Highly configurable and customizable for your server's needs. Handle all your ban appeals in one place, lookup moderation history with one click.
* Premium servers only.
Circle is always updating, and features are always being added! For a full list of plugins, check out our docs.

We're committed to you

It's a big deal to be such an essential part of many communities. We're honored to be a part of the lives of many owners, administrators, and moderators. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions on how we can improve.

Well rounded, simple, Circle.
It's time to simplify server management.