Why is Circle not responding?
There are a few reasons for Circle to not reply:

You aren't using the correct prefix

Circle doesn't have Read Messages or Send Message permission in that channel

Circle is currently offline

Learn how to troubleshoot Circle here

How do I become a Circle staff member?

You can apply at https://crcle.xyz/apply!

What is Circle's logo color?
#66CCFF ██

Why is Circle named Circle?
to frick with your head

How can I support Circle's development?
Thanks for your interest! You can support Circle in a few ways, two of them are completely free!
You can vote for Circle on top.gg and watch the short ad (you can skip it after 3 seconds!), you can also review Circle on top.gg

By voting, you help us get better placement on top.gg and you support our ongoing advertising campaigns. Leaving a review helps other users know that Circle is a great choice for their server.

Why does the "bulk delete" option on the dashboard not work? / Why isn't Circle logging purged messages?
We have temporarily disabled this feature. It will be re-enabled soon™️!

What's starboard?
Starboard is a feature that Circle has that allows members to :star: star messages and will post them to a specified channel! Learn how to set up starboard here

How long is the 'automod infraction' cooldown?
Five minutes from the first infraction.

Common questions about Custom Commands

How do I mention a role?
Use the role ID with the following format, <@&ROLEID> Ex. <@&571559588260741120>

Can I use Circle emojis?
circleCheck: <:circleCheck:597928247455514624>
circleX: <:circleX:597927874854387752>

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